Slot Wide Receivers


The slot is a versatile type of wide receiver who stretches the defense vertically. The slot also has the ability to decoy the defense for future plays. These characteristics make the slot a valuable asset for many different kinds of teams. Learn more about the slot and how you can use it to your advantage. There are many benefits to using slot receivers in your organization.

Slot receivers stretch the defense vertically off pure speed

Slot receivers are a versatile type of receiver that can stretch defenses vertically off pure speed. They can run basic deep option routes as well as breaks to the corner or post. These receivers are very effective against any coverage scheme. They are also capable of running Air Raid plays.

The basic deep option route is a great route for a slot receiver to run. This route can break to the post or corner, giving the quarterback more room to throw to. This type of route also creates a bind for the defense, forcing underneath defenders to dig deep. The choice route was a key play for Zach Mettenberger against Alabama when he threw a 79-yard touchdown to Odell Beckham Jr.

They can act as a decoy for future plays

Slot receivers don’t deal with crushing blocks, but they do need to position themselves to act as a shield for the quarterback. They might even have to carry the ball like a running back. The quarterback often calls a pre-snap motion to the Slot receiver as he makes his way into the backfield. This allows the Slot to avoid the best tacklers and act as a decoy for future play.

They can be mixed with other types of receivers

Slot receivers are versatile wide receivers with a wide range of skills. They can stretch defenses vertically off speed and are often mixed with other types of receivers. Slot receivers also have a unique ability to control air traffic around busy airports. They can be used by both teams and fantasy football players.

Slots are becoming more important in spread offenses. They line up between the widest receiver and offensive tackle and are usually very fast and can catch the football and even take a handoff. A slot corner will cover the slot receiver and will be smaller and quick.

They have unique set of skills

Slots are not just games; they also require you to use a unique set of skills. While some skills can be transferable to many other areas of life, others are specific to niche recreational activities. Here are some examples of skill-based slots: fighting theme slots require you to win fights with fictional characters in bonus rounds.

Traditionally, casinos made huge profits from slots. Many gamblers enjoyed the old-school slots and hoped to strike it rich through pure luck. Nowadays, however, skill-based slots are just as popular as the traditional game and attract younger generations of players.